Carpet Creations works directly with contractors and architects to specify products for the Commercial Flooring market segment. We can bid on any job to your specifications, and because of our thorough knowledge of materials, applications, and code requirements, we can also assist you with preparing a finish schedule and specifications for bid. Over the years, our flexibility and reliability in meeting even the tightest schedules has helped us to build an impressive list of clients.

Commercial Markets


Like all other aspects of a school’s design, flooring is essential in creating an environment that is conducive to learning. With hundreds of feet treading on it each day, along with scrapes and spills, choosing the right flooring material means meeting durability requirements. At Carpet Creations, we have the flooring materials you need to make your school spirit shine.


As centers of our towns and cities, government buildings should be built to last. Flooring should be no exception. With thousands of people passing through each day, old, outdated flooring can look dingy fast. At Carpet Creations, we offer the highest levels of style, value, sustainability, and durability to ensure that the flooring of government buildings last a lifetime.


Create a welcoming, comfortable environment at your hotel or lounge with flooring that perfectly balances performance and design to create the best guest experience. From luxury vinyl planks that offer a beautiful hardwood appearance to durable stone in the spa, Carpet Creations can make your lodging the perfect escape for guests.


From hospitals, manufacturing, and shopping centers, choosing flooring that can withstand the near-constant comings and goings of employees, patients, and guests is essential. Carpet Creations can provide your building with flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and comfortable.


Choosing the right flooring solutions for medical and healthcare buildings is essential in creating a clean environment. This means flooring that is durable and easy to maintain and sanitize, which is essential in operating rooms, pre-op exams, and post-op recovery spaces. Medical flooring will also dampen excess sound that can hinder healing.

Carpet Creations has the knowledge and experience to help you find the right flooring for your medical and healthcare building.


Installing new flooring in your multi-family rental properties? Consider cost, durability, and appearance when choosing your flooring, as many families will tread on it over the years.  Not sure where to start? The experts at Carpet Creations will work with you to help you understand your needs and the needs of your tenants.


The right commercial office flooring blends aesthetics with functionality and needs to fit the space in which it will be installed. Will your office be sleek and modern or reminiscent of a comfortable room in a home? Will you need the comfort and sound suppression of carpeting or the versatility of laminate? The experts at Carpet Creations can help you find the best flooring solution for your budget and building needs.

Religious Worship

The flooring of your religious building will play a big role in how visitors view it, even if it doesn’t seem like they do. To find the best flooring for your religious building, ask yourself how many functions are held there, how it can affect the acoustics of the sanctuary, and how easy it will be to maintain. From porcelain tile to laminate flooring, Carpet Creations can help you find the best flooring solution for your religious building.


Building new homes is always exciting with all of the decorative options, including flooring. From hardwood, porcelain and ceramic, to carpet, in residential homes the sky is the limit. Carpet Creations will work with your contractors and budget to find the best flooring solution to attract homeowners to your new neighborhood.


From the dining room to the bathrooms to the kitchen, restaurant flooring needs to have a unique combination of function and design. It should be comfortable, safe, and easy to maneuver on for employees and welcoming to guests. Think about the environment you want to create in your restaurant and the professionals at Carpet Creations will provide you with excellent solutions that work with your budget.


Retail is always in motion and owners work hard to attract the eyes of customers and bring them into their store. That means a lot of remodeling over the years. Carpet Creations can provide your retail building with timeless and easy to care for flooring solutions that will match your aesthetic and provide customers with an excellent shopping experience.

What Flooring is best for your commercial building?

When determining what flooring type to use in a commercial space, durability, ease of cleaning and maintaining, and features like soundproofing and slip-resistance are extremely important. Because commercial flooring sees more traffic and repeated daily cleaning than a residential building, it is important that it is strong enough to withstand that wear.

The experts at Carpet Creations will help you decide the best flooring solution for your commercial building.

Types of commercial flooring

Commercial Carpeting

Designed with a shorter pile and much tighter looping styles, commercial carpet is constructed with durability and long-lasting qualities in mind. Commercial carpeting is available in carpet tile (also known as modular) or wall-to-wall (broadloom)

Commercial carpet is also designed with stain protection to make cleaning a snap.

Commercial carpeting adds performance and style to a wide range of environments from offices and hospitals to churches. This versatile flooring option is available in a variety of colors and patterns to meet your design needs.

Commercial Solid & Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood flooring gives any building a beautiful, timeless appearance—whether you are flooring a brand-new building for re-flooring an older building. Commercial hardwood flooring, be it solid or engineered, can last for decades with the right care.

When choosing between solid or engineered hardwood, understand where it will be placed in the building and how much traffic that area will be getting. This will determine the best flooring option for your building.

No matter what the purpose for your commercial solid or engineered hardwood floor, there are plenty of pattern and staining options to choose from.

Commercial Ceramic & Porcelain

Commercial ceramic and porcelain flooring offers unique applications in facilities that require specialized characteristics like:

  • Chemical stain resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Slip-resistance

These features, along with their durable and non-porous construction, makes commercial ceramic and porcelain a great option for commercial kitchens, labs, and spas. Modern ceramic and porcelain tiles can be used on walls, floors, and countertops.

Commercial Stone

Commercial stone flooring adds a rustic look to your business while serving a high volume of foot traffic. Popular uses for stone tiling include lobbies, retail, and high-end office buildings. Commercial stone can have both indoor and outdoor applications and can be cut into a variety of patterns.

Common materials for stone flooring include:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Standstone
  • Slate

Commercial LVT/LVP

Like residential LVT/LVP, this flooring option provides contemporary design with slip, stain, scratch, and water resistance. Choose from designs like hardwood, stone, or ceramic. This flooring is popular in industries such as hospitality for the warmth and comfort underfoot, durability, and ease of cleaning. Contact Us Today!