It’s easy to take décor and design for granted. While people may notice how a room – in a home, a business or anywhere else – looks or feels, most never think about or understand why a room has that appearance or atmosphere.

But experienced professional designers do think about and understand the countless factors in play that give a room its look and feel. And they also understand what makes a room function well and how a specific room should function for specific users.

It’s complicated. But it matters.

Anyone who has shopped for a house, condo or a business has likely immediately been struck by a first impression of a home, building or room. And they’ve probably liked or disliked that space even more or less as they spent time taking a closer look.

Details and intent matter

How a space, from an efficiency apartment to a baseball stadium, looks and feels is a product of what it was designed for and how it was subsequently designed. Everything matters, from the overall size and shape of the building itself, its rooms, hallways, amenities, lighting, flooring, paint, windows, doors and décor.

Purpose, look and feel establish both principles and goals for design. Achieving those goals is no accident. Trained, professional, experienced architects and designers first understand a client’s objectives, assess available resources – which can include an existing space, budget, available materials, time and more – then develop plans using those resources to achieve those objectives to the greatest possible extent.

The options and variables are almost infinite. So, an architect’s or designer’s skills and experience make all the difference in weighing each option and determining the combinations that will meet or exceed the expectations of the client.


Design tools and technology have evolved

As with every facet of life, technology has given more power to designers, enabling them to do more and greater design work in a fraction of the time the same work would have taken even just ten years ago.

Three-dimensional graphics, for example, enable designers to develop an on-screen image of a room, then change or adjust virtually every aspect of the room’s décor, layout and appearance, and then virtually “walk through” the room or building.

This saves a tremendous amount of time, expands a client’s choices, and helps clients and designers work together through countless options, choosing those that best fit the client’s objectives. This technology also greatly increases the predictability of an outcome as it enhances both the client’s and designer’s ability to visualize the new look.


Carpet Creations can transform your home or a room

Our experienced staff is waiting to learn about your home, your goals and your budget. We’ll take the time to listen, then make the right recommendations for your situation. We invite you to check into our CliqStudio, which uses a highly specialized program to produce 3-D images of your updated space. CliqStudio is also home to Natalie Seymour, our Senior Interior Designer. With a B.A. in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix and an Associates degree in Interior Architecture from the Roosevelt Academy in Middelburg, Netherlands, years of experience and a true passion for design, Natalie will work with you to develop a plan and a design that will give your home, or any room in your house the look, feel and function you need.

With great listening skills, communication and rendering technology, Natalie is able to make the vision in your head come to life in a 3D simulation before finally bringing that vision to life in your home.

Contact us today and let us help you transform your home!