Are you considering adding new floors to your home? Whether it is hardwood, carpet, vinyl planking or laminate flooring, replacing the existing floors in any room can be a significant investment. So before making this important decision to upgrade your floors, it is essential that you plan out and budget properly for them. This guide will provide helpful tips and advice on how to best prepare when planning to buy new floors for your home while staying within your means.

Know how much flooring you need

woman looking at flooring samples

When it comes to selecting flooring for an interior renovation project, budgeting is always a factor. Fortunately, the amount of flooring required can give homeowners an indication as to what their budget should be. While there are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of a flooring installation project, it is important to note that much of the spending will depend on how much material is needed. Knowing this in advance can help you plan and prepare your wallet for what’s ahead.

Know what flooring you want

Next, know what flooring you want. Some flooring is more cost-effective than others: For example, if you love the look of hardwood floors but find they’re out of your price range, consider engineered hardwood or laminate plank flooring.

Know how much your desired flooring costs per square foot

Finally, know how much the flooring you want costs per square foot. For example, vinyl flooring can cost anywhere from two to seven dollars per square foot on average, while hardwood can be from six to twelve dollars or more. However, that price can jump if the space to be floored is very large.

Consult with the professionals at Carpet Creations

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