Walking into a well-designed commercial building can make all the difference, making customers and clients feel welcomed and creating an impression of professionalism. One key element to achieving such a goal is flooring: Selecting the right carpet for your commercial building is essential to presenting an inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re considering replacing existing carpets or fitting an entire new space, here’s what you need to know about choosing commercial carpeting for your business.

Commercial carpeting is designed to be ultra-durableCommercial carpet in a restaurant

Commercial carpeting is designed to be ultra-durable, withstand heavy traffic and staining, and is easy to maintain. These carpets commonly come in three different fabrics:

  • Nylon: The popular choice for most commercial buildings thanks to its fire-safety rating. Avoid using it in outdoor applications as it will fade in the sun.
  • Polyester: Works in indoor and outdoor applications and is great at water- and stain-resistance.
  • Polypropylene: Considered a budget-friendly option, this choice is excellent at withstanding mold and mildew but does stain easily.

Commercial carpeting has a shorter pile and tighter looping

Unlike residential carpets, commercial carpeting has a lower pile and tighter looping. As a result, they are thinner. How is this a pro? The carpet can withstand wear and tear without becoming matted or crushed.

Commercial carpeting is available in modular or wall-to-wall

Carpeting can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary with the right choice. When it comes to commercial carpeting, you can choose modular or wall-to-wall styles. Modular carpets are made up of several tiles and usually come in squares or rectangular shapes, while wall-to-wall carpets cover the entire floor from one wall to the other.

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