Carpets bring a level of comfort to your home that makes it a popular choice in homes across the United States. When shopping for carpet, you will be asked to choose your desired carpet padding. It may seem like an extra expense, but padding is an essential part of your carpeting system.

Padding Makes Your Floors Comfortable

You don’t want to walk on bare subfloor, so why would you want to walk on carpet with no padding? Without padding your floors have no impact absorption, making them hard and uncomfortable. Carpet padding solves this problem by offering needed cushioning to your flooring, adding that “spring” to your step.

Padding Makes It Easier To Keep Your Carpets Clean

Carpet padding also makes cleaning your carpet easier by “lifting” up the carpet, allowing your vacuumg to be more effective at its job. Without carpet padding, the suction of your vacuum is lessened and all that accumulated dust and dirt will not be completely removed.

Padding Provides Extra Insulation To Your Home

When you get up in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t be met with a cold floor. Carpet padding also provides the benefit of adding some extra insulation to your home. The padding helps block drafts from seeping up through the carpeting, making the room feel warmer.

Carpet Padding Extends The Life Of Your Carpet

Carpet is an investment and you want to make sure that it lasts. Padding helps protect the backing and binding from wear and tear it would experience if installed on the bare subfloor.

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