Carpet is an excellent addition to your home, providing insulation, noise reduction, and beauty with unlimited colors, patterns, and features like stain resistance. If you find that your carpets begin to look buckled, loose, or wrinkled, know that it’s a common issue that can be fixed.

Common causes of buckling carpet include:

The carpets were incorrectly installed

Whether your carpets are installed by a professional or as a DIY project, they should be stretched tight enough that wrinkles, bulges, and bumps won’t form. If your carpet is still under warranty, contact your flooring dealer like Carpet Creations. We will come to your home to correct the problem.

The wrong carpet padding was used

Carpet padding is essential to the health of your carpets on both sides. It helps them las longer and gives your carpet a softer under-foot feel. But if the wrong carpet padding was used underneath, the carpet isn’t adequately supported and can easily wrinkle.

Check the manufacturer’s specifications for padding when you purchase your carpet to understand what thickness is needed. The professionals at Carpet Creations will help guide you to the right padding.

Heavy items were dragged over the carpet

When moving furniture or heavy items in your home, pick them up! Don’t drag! Dragging heavy items along the carpet can damage it and cause buckling which may lead to more expensive repairs down the line if left unchecked for too long

Instead have someone help you lift heavy objects so they are easier manageable while carrying across rooms as well using sliders on each end of piece being moved instead when possible

The carpet was exposed to excess moisture

Moisture, such as spills and humidity, plays a significant role in buckling your carpets. When the underside of the carpet gets wet, it can delaminate and separate from its backing, causing it to buckle. If this is the case, you may have to replace the carpet.

Clean up all spills immediately, invest in a dehumidifier, and avoid placing carpet in high-humidity areas such as the bathroom.

Buckling carpets can be fixed by the professionals at Carpet Creations

Buckling carpets can be fixed by the professionals at Carpet Creations. We have years of experience and our fully certified and insured installers and treat every job as if they were doing their own home. They will come to your home to evaluate and re-stretch your carpets to remove buckling and wrinkling.

Contact the experts at Carpet Creations today to make your carpets look as good as new again!

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